Solar Rebate and Interconnection Application
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This online application is used to apply for Solar Rebates and Renewable Interconnections within Kansas City Power and Light Missouri territories.

Solar rebates are available for residential systems up to 25 kW DC and non-residential systems up to 150 kW DC located within the Company’s Missouri territory.  Systems greater than 100 kW DC must complete the Qualifying facilities application as they DO NOT QUALIFY for net metering.


  Net Metering Parallel Generation Facilities Agreement
Residential 25kW- DC 25kW- DC 100kW- DC 100kW- DC Above 100kW- DC
Commercial 100kW- DC 100kW- DC

The Solar Rebate Application is all that is required for a rebate commitment.  The complete Interconnection Application can be submitted at the same time as the Solar Rebate Application or can be submitted later.

If you receive a solar rebate commitment email and you have not submitted an Interconnection Application, you will need to submit your application within 90 days of receipt or your solar rebate commitment WILL EXPIRE.

You will need the following to apply for a solar rebate:

  1. Account number
  2. Customer name and Address as it appears on the Kansas City Power and Light Billing Statement
  3. Customer phone number
  4. Customer email
  5. Number of panels and DC rating of panels
  6. Installer name, address and contact information


* A W9 will be required for all non-residential customers prior to the payment of any rebate.

** A signed and notarized Solar Renewable Energy Credit (SREC) form will need to be completed prior to rebate payment.


All Net Metering and Parallel Generation tariffs for KCPL

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